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Mules and More’s 5th Annual Christmas Gift Guide

1. Old Mule Sauce For 20 years this small family business has produced their unique “BBQ-Marinade-Dipping Sauces” on their family farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC.  Owners Cheryl & Steve Modlin said the name “Old Mule” came out of an appreciation for the working mules of the past.  Their parents and grandparents told stories of the mules with which they farmed for many years.  According to Steve, “We were looking for a good name that tied to our farming background and the farm mules that were once so common (Cheryl’s father wanted to name her after his favorite childhood mule, but her mother forbid it….but that’s another story).”   In keeping with that era, they package Old Mule Sauce in a style reminiscent of the old time general store.
Old Mule is a very versatile sauce.  Its unique blend of spices and flavors makes this an ideal gift for anyone. It is available in 3 flavors:  Original, Hot and Mustard. It's not too hot, but has just the right amount of “ZING”. And Old Mule Sauce is not just for grilling and barbecuing.  It is excellent with seafood, chili, baked beans, venison, tortilla chips, salads, as a sandwich spread and much more!
It seems few companies actually MAKE what they sell or put their label on.  Cheryl says that since they began, the “made by our family” principle has been important to them (though not always easy).  Because of this, they take great pride in their products!  They do not try to be “all things to all people” or set a “new North American record for sales growth”.  Their goal is simply to provide their customers with a unique, high-quality sauce that will add something special to their gatherings and meals with friends and family. Order online at or call (828)625-0305.

2. Horse Shoe Nail Jewelry from Trailhead Supply  Our unique line of hand bent horse shoe nail jewelry, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and charms are available in assorted colors and styles. Each piece is made using colored wiring and/or rhinestones for extra bling and is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Perfect for any horse or mule person and ideal for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or just for yourself! Pieces appropriate for any occasion. • Prices range from $20-$100. • (406)752-4437

3. Blue Mule Compact Foam-All 25B    This extremely durable hose-end foam gun draws cleaning product from the attached bottle, dilutes it to the desired ratio, and applies the solution as high quality clinging foam onto anything up close or at distances up to 12 feet.  The body is machined from solid polypropylene, not molded from cheap plastic, so it lasts season after season.  The “no-leak” metal quick connect allows the user to remove the foamer and bottle to rinse using just the trigger gun.  This equipment is perfect for mule and horse bathing, dog washing, farm equipment cleaning, veterinary sanitation, and more!  Order online at or call (855)258-6853

4. The REIN MAKER Leather Cavesson/Nose Band with adjustable hanger and adjustment around the nose. The one-earred head stall adjust to fit mules nicely. Contact The Rein Maker Sandy Boaz at (270)365-7899 (shop). (270)836-9762 (cell), or by email at

5. Britchen from Jackson’s Western Store Get your britchen from the best little saddle and harness shop east of the Mississippi! 866-254-1812 or

6. 5 Star Equine Products Cinches Are made from the World’s finest natural, handmade, all-natural, therapeutic 100% Mohair cinchas (cinches) fits 5 Stars philosophical position of what is right for horses and mules.
Cincha cord is an 8-ply Mohair cord. The cord is hand laced onto stainless steel or brass flat buckles and rings. Mohair has been known for years to have the same therapeutic and comfort value as 100% all-natural wool felt.
The y-cinch is a unique combination front and back cincha that does not put ANY pressure on the back on the rib cage of the horse or mule. It also secures the back of the saddle to help keep it in place on those rough terrains so many trail riders ride.
Both 5 Star’s 100% Virgin Wool  Pads and 100%  Mohair Cinchas are made in the USA! or (870)389-6328
6. 2RMules Dotted Headstall Want just a touch of bling for your mule? Here is a very attractive dotted headstall made of the very best leather and a no tie bit quick change.
2RMules is the place to shop for all your mule needs. Our heart is to sell you quality products for a reasonable price. Check out the website at to see all our products or call (479)670-2144.
7. The Harsha Mule Bit, Head Stall and Reins The Harsha Bit is now made in three different sizes to accommodate regular to larger mules. This bit is designed to give full control but is easy on the mouth and will give you self confidence when using it.  The one ear head stall is very neat and fits all. The rein is neat and handy; extra long for comfort while riding. $195.50 for set. 575-535-4220 or

8. Wyoming Saddlery We will build any of our saddles and tack to your specifications, including color, size, and special tooling.
Our saddle pads come in the Western, Barrel, and Endurance shape. They are available in solid colors (blue, red, green, black, brown) and the camo colors including the new snow camo and black camo.
Our saddle pads can be special ordered for the size and shape that you want. They will have 3/8" thick wool felt on the bottom with a closed cell neoprene center, wear leathers and your choice of Cordura color on the top. They have the contour and spine relief that is needed for your mule.
Also be sure to see all of our colors of halters including Mossy Oak and Realtree camo and solid colors. They can also be custom made to your specs and they come in eight size ranges.
Take 10 percent off! When placing the order online, enter code coupon code mules&more and receive a 10 percent discount on all items. Discount good until December 15, 2014.
Visit our website to check out our saddles, tack, saddle pads, and halters.

9. 5 Star Equine Products Pad 5 Star Equine Products & Supplies, Inc is built on "good ol country values" hard work, friendly customer service and customer satisfaction. 5 Star has focused on producing the finest , All Natural products available to the equine industry. The 5 Star 100% All Virgin Wool pad is in a class of it's own. It is made of pure 100% virgin wool which is carefully selected for these pads. The unique structure of 100% virgin wool fiber allows it to be pressed together with heat and steam to form a dense mat of FLEXIBLE, RESILIENT, AND ELASTIC fiber, called felt. This ALL-NATURAL material has kinetic properties which enables it to:
  • Absorb More Moisture
  • Wicks More Sweat And Remove More Heat
  • Have More Protection For Your Mules Back
  • Last Longer.... 2000 Or More Riding Hours
  • Conforms To The Shape Of Your Mules Back
  • No Break-In Time
Buy a 5 Star pad and it could be the last one you have to buy! or (870)389-6328

10. Cameron Mule Saddles   Cameron Saddles are built on Brad's exclusive tree and mule bar design, and made to Brad's exact specifications.
These are handmade saddles that fit a wide range of mules. We have many special features that are just not found on other mule saddles.
The High Country Packer is a swell fork saddle that is built on our famous packer tree design. Tough enough for day to day work, and comfortable enough for long hours of riding.
The Outlaw Trail is built on our cut down wade tree design. Half stirrup leathers and a sturdy inskirt rigging all help create a saddle with less bulk and less weight. A popular trail saddle that is easy to throw on and a pleasure to ride.
Priced at $2800 these saddles go fast, so call to discuss our current, in stock inventory. Custom orders also welcome. 
Mule saddles with the quality you've come to expect from Cameron Mule Company. When it comes to your mule, buy the right saddle the first time. Cameron Mule Company 406-369-5190

11. Heavy Duty Mule and Donkey Saddle Pads These high tech mule pads are designed and field tested by Steve Edwards and his packers, specifically to fit mules and donkeys. Features soft, colorfast Herculon tops, genuine buffalo leather, and non-slip, antibacterial bottom. Provides comfort for the mule and rider!   $125 plus $20 s/h • 602-999-6853 or

12. The Ericksen Mountain Saddle  Handmade from Hermann Oak skirting leather.  It features braided rawhide on the horn and swells laced to match, a rawhide cantle binding, and the slots in the cantle are lined with rawhide as well.  It’s durable and looks good.  (406) 682-7380

13. Teaching Your Mule To Lie Down  This is an easy four-step instruction on how to teach your mule or horse to lie down to mount and dismount. No harsh methods used, just pressure and release. “Anyone can do this!” says instructor Dave Recker. “I have had numerous professional trainers as well as hundreds of amateurs use this method with great success.” $44.95 (shipping included) To order:, (573)881-0324

14. Jasper the Mule   Gather the whole family for fun, laughter and wholesome lessons as you experience Jasper’s adventures with books and animated DVDs. Six titles to choose from!

15. Wild Burro Tales  by Hal Walter - Travel with the author on a 30-year trek through the Rocky Mountains where he finds a special connection with equus asinus on the Western Pack-Burro Racing circuit. Illustrated with pen-and-ink drawings by Lorie Merfeld-Batson. • $16 plus $5.50 s/h •,  573-646-3934 or

16. 2015 Mischka Mule Calendars   Features the best in full photography of these magnificent animals in a practical and useful format. 12” wide and 19” tall (when opened) with one larger color mule photo and several smaller color photos for each month • $15.95 • 877-647-2452 or;

17. The Natural Superiority Of Mules - Revised Edition A hard back coffee-table type book with dozens of beautiful color photos as well as some historical photos. New chapters: Gaited Mules, Mules in Mounted Shooting, Miracle Baby Born in Colorado, Greenmountain Rosie, On the Trail with Herb and Diane, From Our Barn Door, and The Beast. As in the first printing, this book contains chapters of material written especially for the book by a number of prominent people in the mule industry. • $29.95 plus $8.50 priority shipping • 573-646-3934 or

18. America’s Rural Yesterday Volume 1: Fieldwork  More than 100 photographs by famed photographer J.C. Allen of field work including planting, tilling, harvesting and more. Includes shots of threshing, corn shelling, milling, hay stacking. Mules, horses, oxen, vintage tractors, and stream engines provide the power back when rural life was the norm. 11 x 8.6 inches. Soft cover. $24.95 plus $5.50 s/h 573-646-3934 or

19. The Grandest Ride by Tom Brownold, text by Brad Dimock. See the Grand Canyon from a unique perspective - astride a mule. This beautifully photographed book offers a glimpse into the world of the Grand Canyon mule. 44 pages. $8.95 plus $5.50 s/h 573-646-3934 or

Want to win this book? Re-pin any product on our Gift Guide Board on Pinterest to be entered into a chance to win a free copy of The Grandest Ride. Click here to visit the board! Drawing to be held Dec. 10. Get to pinning!

20. Corazon Vaquero A definitive glimpse into the lives of the Californios, a people whose roots reach back 300 years to the original missionary soldiers of California’s Spanish Frontier. This is a people who have thrived in the harsh dry lands of Baja California while keeping many of their traditions alive and untouched by the modern world. Join us as we travel mule back into the Heart of the Cowboy. Watch rare footage of the daily lives of these vaqueros and their families in California’s Final Frontier. Experience the peace, humor, and hospitality of a people living as one with their environment and with each other. These are the Last of the Californios. Documentary Feature. DVD only. 65 minutes.    $20 plus $5.50 s/h 573-646-3934 or

Bonus! Mules and More Gift Subscriptions - A gift subscription to Mules and More is a great gift that can be enjoyed all year long! If indicated, we will send a gift card (via mail or email) to the recipient free of charge, too.
1 Year - $30          2 Years - $55      Include $5 for any back issues
Available online at By phone at (573)646-3934. Or mail form to Mules and More, PO Box 460, Bland MO 65014

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