Friday, January 16, 2015

How To Submit To Mules and More

Mules and More has a staff of monthly writers, but we are always looking for more content. This page should contain all the information needed to share your submission with us.

To submit via mail:

Acceptable formats would include:
  • typed or handwritten stories
  • prints of photographs from a print shop (ie, 4 x 6's printed from Walmart or wherever you have your photos printed are OK, photos printed on regular copy paper from your home printer are not OK)
  • CD or DVD with text and photo files saved (photos could be scanned images saved at 300 dpi, or original file and format sizes for digital images)
Submissions via USPS mail should be sent to:
Mules and More
PO Box 460
Bland MO 65014

To submit via email:  

Acceptable format guidelines:
  • text/copy typed into the body of the email
  • attached text files (.doc or .rft for example, but do not send text as a .pdf)
  • attached images will only be accepted, images inserted in to text files can not be used
  • attached images files should be .jpg or .pdf, in their original file size and format and 300 dpi resolution
  • if scanning and emailing, save at 300 dpi
  • all photos should be sharp and clear for best results
  • do not crop, cut or alter photos
Submissions via email should be sent to:

What topics are accepted?

Special Topics

Each year, we have two special issues:

February -  Jack Issue - features our Jack Index as well as articles focused on the breeding for and raising of mules and donkeys

April - Trail Riding Issue - features our Trail Riding Guide, as well as articles focused on all things trail riding
Articles submitted that focus on these topics will possible be held to be used in these issues.

We also have special sections for Bishop Mule Days, Jake Clark Mule Days, The Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show, and The National Championship Chuckwagon Races each year. They are usually featured one to two months after the event (Bishop Mule Days held Memorial Day weekend appears in the July issue; The National Championship Chuckwagon Races held Labor Day weekend appears in the October issue).

General Topics

"Letters From The Other Side..." - Letters and photos from subscribers. Do you have something you want to share with the mule and donkey world? A favorite moment from the year or a special photo you love? Send it in!
Photography (anything mule and donkey related); Ranch Work; Mule and Donkey Care; Tack; Mule and Donkey Shows; Rodeos; Trail Riding; Spotlights on Mule and Donkey Owners, Promoters, and Important Mules and Donkeys; Historical Stories

Have something else you would like to share? Send it over!
Contact Cori with any additional questions.

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