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Mules and More's 6th Annual Gift Guide

1. The Mischka Press Calendars and Books

Mischka Press calendars and books make wonderful, long lasting gifts your loved ones will treasure all year long. We offer Mule, Donkey, Draft Horse and Driving Horse wall calendars, as well as an Appointment Calendar and small, standup Desk Calendar. All of these include quantity discounts and free shipping. Send us your gift list, and we’ll send calendars directly to your giftees — the free shipping and discounts still apply! See our calendars, books and DVDs online or ask for a free catalog. 1-877-647-2452  www.mischka.com

2. Jasper the Mule

Gather the whole family for fun, laughter and wholesome lessons as you experience Jasper’s adventures with books and animated DVDs. Six titles to choose from! www.JasperTheMule.com, (800)816-7566

3. The Adventures of  Mac and Teckla

by Dawn Ward. An adorable gift for the littlest animal lover in your life. A sweet story about a boy and his mule. $10 plus s/h. theadventuresofmacandteckla.com or facebook.com/theadventuresofmacandteckla

4. “The Dilemma” by Bonnie Shields

The latest B.S. print. Four - 5” x 7” color images on a 13” x 17” sheet. Display images as is or cut out each image and display in sequence. $25 plus $10 s/h www.BonnieShields.com (208)263-6534

5. Teaching Your Mule To Lie Down

This is an easy four-step instruction on how to teach your mule or horse to lie down to mount and dismount. No harsh methods used, just pressure and release. “Anyone can do this!” says instructor Dave Recker. “I have had numerous professional trainers as well as hundreds of amateurs use this method with great success.” $44.95 (shipping included) To order: www.themuleenthusiast.com, (573)881-0324

6. Brad Cameron Mule Training DVDs

Learn from the best! A great do it yourself, learn at home tool, for that hard to buy for mule rider. By Cameron Mule Company of Corvallis, Mont. • $149.95 plus s/h • 406-369-5190 or www.muletrainer.com

7. Mule Mastery DVD Series

Mule Mastery, Mule Training DVD Series. DVD list teaches: Lie Down to Mount, Gait Training, Running W.n Review High-Lites and order from www.missourimuleco.com

8. Corazon Vaquero

A definitive glimpse into the lives of the Californios, a people whose roots reach back 300 years to the original missionary soldiers of California’s Spanish Frontier. This is a people who have thrived in the harsh dry lands of Baja, California, while keeping many of their traditions alive and untouched by the modern world. Documentary Feature. DVD only. 65 minutes.    $20 plus $5.50 s/h 573-646-3934 or www.mulesandmore.com

9. Sugar Creek Graphics

Printed t-shirts and sweatshirts. Over 60 prints of mules, donkeys and draft horses. T-shirt sizes: small-5XL, sweatshirt sizes: small-3XL. All sizes same low price, no up charge for larger shirts. Your choice of 13 colors of t-shirts. (877)242-4449 www.sugarcreekgraphics.com

10. Ear Me Now Fly Bonnets

Equine riders and owners of all persuasions can protect their pets from biting flies with an Ear Me Now Fly Bonnet. Great price for an American made product. Each bonnet is cut individually from a 22” bandanna, most of them made from a cotton blend, which making them cool and light to be worn under or over your bridle. Our mission is to make horses, mules, or donkeys comfortable on the trails and safe in the pastures. Not to mention having a little fun with it as well. No more head shaking or irritation on those warm summer days. The attention and conversations you will get on the trails are worth the price This is a home based business. Mule sizes available in regular, large and extra large. ear-me-now1@live.com, ear-me-now-fly-bonnets-for-equine.myshopify.com/ or  Ear Me Now Fly Bonnets, 380 Cardinal Hill, Hayden AL 35079

11. Reed’s Custom Cowboy Knives

Handmade knives available in 6”, 7”, or 8.5”. All knives are made from M2 Toolsteel and natural materials, unless otherwise requested. Handle options include: Walnut, Cow Horn, Elk Antler, Deer Antler, Cow Bone. Knive Sheaths available,  with belt clip and brand. (918)625-7260 or mules@sstelco.com

12. Pack Saw by Trailhead Supply

Trailhead Supply’s pack saw comes in an 18" or 21" Corona with Razor Tooth Saw technology. This saw is one of the best on the market with its 3 sided razor teeth that cut twice as fast as conventional teeth. The saw is protected by our hand made leather sheath, completely stitched and then riveted at the stress points, to keep you and your stock safe from injury. Two 24” straps with nickel plated hardware make it easy to attach to your saddle, pack frame or your four wheeler. This is a must have item for anyone serious about getting off and away from the pavement. (406)752-4437, trailheadsupply.com

13. The Harsha Mule Bit, Head Stall and Reins

The Harsha Bit is now made in three different sizes to accommodate regular to larger mules. This bit is designed to give full control, but is easy on the mouth and will give you self confidence when using it.  The one ear head stall is very neat and fits all. The rein is neat and handy; extra long for comfort while riding. $195.50 for set. 575-535-4220 or www.mulemanharsha.com

14. Heavy Duty Mule and Donkey Saddle Pads and Neoprene Cinches

These high tech mule pads are designed and field tested by Steve Edwards and his packers, specifically to fit mules and donkeys. Features soft, colorfast Herculon tops, genuine buffalo leather, and non-slip, antibacterial bottom. Provides comfort for the mule and rider! $125 plus $20 s/h Perforated, neoprene cinch helps lubricate very critical areas that should not be dry. It also breathes to allow fresh air in as the neoprene lubricates. Anti-bacterial, breathable and allows moisture to pass thru while helping to keep the saddle in place. $62 plus s/h   602-999-6853 or www.muleranch.com

15. The Mountian Hunter Saddle

Fred Wagner of Wagner’s Saddle and Tack  has been in the saddle business for over 20 years and has been building custom hand made mule saddles for 15 years. I use three different types of mule trees for my mule saddles to make sure I am getting a good proper fit on your mule’s back.  Combined with my flat plate rigging that distributes even pressure on the bars along the mules back and a natural ride position for the rider, you end up with a saddle that fits the mule and rider.
Call me at any time and lets talk about your mules and what you are looking for in a mule saddle. (719)783-2715 www.wagnerssaddleandtack.com

16. The Ericksen Mountain Saddle

Handmade from Hermann Oak skirting leather.  This saddle features braided rawhide on the horn and swells laced to match, a rawhide cantle binding, and the slots in the cantle are lined with rawhide as well.  It’s durable and looks good. www.ericksensaddlery.com  (406) 682-7380

17.  The Light Weight Cordura Saddle

These lightweight western saddles are tough and durable for all your riding needs. 2R Mules and Wyoming Saddlery use a high quality, durable cordura material for the fenders and skirts of these saddles.  This reduces weight while still allowing you to have a very functional, tough saddle.
What are the advantages of Cordura saddle vs. an all Leather saddle? 1)  Lightweight!  18 lbs. vs. 30+ lbs. for most all leather saddles. 2) Easy to clean, cordura can be washed off with soap and water.
3) Easy on the legs and knees, cordura is very flexible so there's virtually no resistance against your knees and ankles. www.2RMules.com, 479-670-2144


Mules and More Gift Subscriptions - A gift subscription to Mules and More is a great gift that can be enjoyed all year long! If indicated, we will send a gift card (via mail or email) to the recipient free of charge, too.
1 Year - $30          2 Years - $55      Include $5 for any back issues
Available online at http://www.mulesandmore.com/subscribe.html. By phone at (573)646-3934. Or mail form to Mules and More, PO Box 460, Bland MO 65014

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